Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#WedNightPoetry: "Tongue Piercing" by Darrell Herbert

"Tongue Piercing"

Flawed human beings
You are now who I am
burn bright
She burned brighter and was a true genius -therefore perhaps her brighter flame went out first
She was always volatile and vulnerable and sad
and there was no way he was the right type of man to heal her
so sad -for them both -a car crash looking for somewhere to happen
It should all be laid to rest with them

She's dead.
The silence demands the obvious conclusion

Neither party is here to confirm, deny, defend, reflect or shed light on the situation

The relationship between therapist and client must be private and protected
in death as it is in life
Otherwise how can people allow themselves to be entirely open
honest and vulnerable in therapy when they know the details could be disclosed after their death?

Surely that would render therapy far less

poem by Darrell Herbert

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