Monday, June 5, 2017

A WIFE's role is NOT just to BE YOUR COOK (response to KENNY TALK)

Blacktopia facebook group staple, youtuber and radio talk show host Kenny Talk of the Kenny Talk Experience recently posted a list of reasons of why he feels it's important for women to be "great cooks" to their man and his opinion on why cooking is essential to her relationship with the man through his growing youtube series "Relationship Truths". 
You can view the entire video at this direct link

Proud member and active group participant Vickie Santana watched the video and shared her response to Kenny's latest Relationship Truths on the subject and this was her response.   

I need to start by saying I’m incredibly traditional. My parents had an arranged marriage, preceded by 3 chaperoned dates, and raised their children with traditional values. My dad worked, my mum stayed at home. Too many “modern” men, think a relationship is one-sided. What a woman can do for “him” vs the mindset of what he can bring into a relationship.

(1) Cooking skills should NOT be a determinate factor in assessing if a woman is dating, marriage, or mother material. It’s superficial. 

(2) Cooking does not nourish the body. Healthy, clean food nourishes the body and can be 100% raw. IJS

(3) If a man expects women to “be prepared to be homemaker”, he needs to be prepared to be the sole financial provider. 

(4) When households were traditional, naturally women had more time to hone the skills of her gender role. That said…expecting the qualities of a traditional woman while demanding/needing non-traditional behavior by her having to be in the workforce should also mean the expectations of a traditional woman’s skills be adjusted. 

(5) If a man works 40 hrs and a lady works 40 hours men should not expect women to solely produce nor master all the skills of a traditional homemaker, but should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and contribute toward 50% of the homemaker duties. 

(6) Perhaps her recipe or ingredients changed because after 6 months to a year, a lady is not so keen on the stagnation of “playing house” anymore. We know in short order if someone is compatible and worthy of building a dynasty with.  Every relationship has a honeymoon phase and reaches the level where your “representative” steps aside and the true nature of a person comes out.  Some of ya’ll simply don’t need to be continued being fed.

(7) People should not to “compel” someone into hanging around. Compel means to oblige by the use of force or pressure.

(8) To assume that no matter how a man acts or what he does, a lady’s behavior should remain the same is utter nonsense. So a woman should remain consistent while a man acts a fool. Ok. Not.

Both Kenny and Vickie make excellent points!  WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?  E-mail us at and give us your thoughts or feel free to post your opinions in the Blacktopia facebook group.  

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