Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: Blacktopia The Poem (by DBrockman)

In an attempt to create the purest form
known one must search in many directions,
Obliged thoughts we are often taught there
was only one Truth, Way and Light of perfection.
Through faith we side step our present whelps
for our future has already be told for us,
Awaiting our stories to be told we haven
ourselves along the shore of our inner utopia.
Those sunny shores are hidden flaws cased
in veiled morals that may never get to see light,
If shined and unconcealed the absent of color
may flourish and its visibility is known as white.
Closed eyes in a darken room creates unseen
imaginations to some that may refer as wack,
If you missed the last three line I’ve been descriptively
explaining the removal of color, known as Black.
Acquire your sand filled refinement thoughts
place them in you imaginable lightless room of trust,
And let the rest of the world figure out how no
light in a perfect place will lead us to “Blacktopia”!

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