Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome to BLACKTOPIA (Black Utopian Society)


Welcome to BLACKTOPIA (Black Utopian Society). 
(by Some Guy Named "Jay")

Blacktopia is an online community, web blog, concept, social media refuge, sounding board, think tank and ecosystem FOR Black People BY Black People

Blacktopia is a spin-off from the Facebook Group of the same name.  To check out the Facebook Group go to this direct link

The Description from The Facebook Group BLACKTOPIA
Blacktopia is the web group for black people to connect, build network, share ideas, opinions and have discussions about topics centered around the black community. We will discuss black economic empowerment, creating healthy relationships with each other, social issues, business, health, politics, etc. 


          Another objective we would like to accomplish with Blacktopia is to unify and assimilate black people from all walks of life, with different perspectives coming together and sharing their ideas and points of views without being judged or censored.  The only "Law" we currently have in Blacktopia is that there is no violence or threats!  As long as you can get your point across without "name calling" and "coming to SEE somebody" then it's all good.  All is welcome in the land of Blacktopia!  
          Speaking of "assimilation" another reoccurring issue that keeps coming up in our community is that we don't "stick together" like other races of people.  We seem to be the only race of people (especially here in the United States) that seek the approval and acceptance from other groups of people and cultures all while saying "I'm not like THOSE other black people" in the presence of the other races.  In Blacktopia, we want to encourage all Black people to unify more within our own, stand together and stop asking to hold hands with the other groups when we have issues standing side by side with one another.  We would like to create an environment where a black Christian, a black Muslim and a black Atheist can all sit down at the round table and share their perspectives without shaming the other and getting into a shout match and persuading the other group to carry on the same beliefs without shaming or browbeating the other.  In Blacktopia we would like to see a 50 Cent and a Steve Irkel sitting down sharing a beer and trading war stories about "relationships".   We would like to see a Black Republican defend his/her point of view in the room full of black democrats without being seen as a puppet for white supremacy.  We would love to see a woman that most people would consider a "THOT", sitting side by side with a pants-suit-wearing "Church girl" sipping tea and discussing their families without any judgement being passed to one another.    
          Blacktopia is a place where even an educated, well versed 55 year old black woman can actually learn something "new" from a fresh 21 year old young black male and I don't mean "in the bedroom" either!, but just two different types of black people sharing different experiences about the same struggle of just navigating through life being a person of color, no matter the age, sex or location of the black person sharing their story.

In Blacktopia we would love to Bridge the gaps, tighten relationships (romantic, friendships, and all different types of personal connections) with our people, preach the importance of economic empowerment in our community by encouraging us all to patronize and support black own businesses and services and give a platform for the "average black person" to be heard!  All is welcome in the land of Blacktopia.

-Some Guy Named "Jay"

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